Company Business Profile


Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd was established in 1990 to design and fabricate blasting and shot peening machines, and providing surface treatment through blasting and shot peening services.

This Singaporean owned company has enjoyed many successful years. It is one of those companies that has undergone years of steady development and growth and has firmly steered itself through many changes in business cycles and economic conditions, resulting in a company with sound fundamentals, strength and depth in its field of expertise. The growth of the company has never been accidental. It is achieved through strong fundamentals, providing valuable, quality and reliable products and services, and being able to understand market conditions and position the company accordingly.

Through the good and bad times, AE has enjoyed steady growth. it is one of the very rare local companies in Singapore that designs, fabricates many kinds of blasting machines for basic metal working industry, electronic and other industries. In addition, AE also provides a wide range of blasting services for the industry, many of which are customized processes.

Over the years, the company's client list and sales turnover continues to progress positively and steadily. It has also earned the reputation of a local leading design and fabrication company for blasting and shot peening machines, as well as a specialist developer of blasting and shot peening processes through process research and development on areas where others had experienced great difficulties.

Fuelled by a strong outsourcing trend in recent years, AE experienced a surge in its blasting services provided to the industry, so much so that it is now about 50% of the company's sales compared to only about 15% just a few years back. This trend continues and there is no sign of this slowing down.

The company is also an ISO 9001 certified company for its design and development capablities. This has provided an internationally recognized framework for its design and development work as well as documenting data results that has proven to be very useful in the complex work undertaken by the company.

Today, the company has expanded its client base and industries that it serves. Compared to the earlier days of the metal working industry and general blasting applications for the electronic industry there only specific surface cleanliness was crucial, additional factors such as surface tension are proving to be equally vital to industries such as the oil and gas industry.

Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd is already a leading local player in the machine design and fabrication as well being established in process development. The company aims to expand its expertise through more research and development activities, greater training for its stall. Emphasis would also be placed in the development of technical knowledge and expertise that would be important when supporting both the local and overseas markets, in particular the aerospace industry.